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Nigerians are always on the lookout for new income-earning opportunities, and they are ever ready to invest in anything, as long as it’s profitable. this is why ipodr is here with one great app that helps all interested Nigerians invest in local and international stock market without difficulty. its called Trove App

At the same time, Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world. Most Nigerians are poor, and can’t afford to squander hundreds of dollars in a single investment.

Looking at all the stock investment apps available, it is hard to find any that offers a low barrier of entry. All the investment apps have enormous minimum investments, with some requiring investors to make a minimum monthly deposit exceeding $1,000.

This is not feasible in Nigeria, no doubt. This challenge has led to most Nigerians ignoring potentially profitable stocks in the stock market.

To tackle this problem, Trove Technologies Limited introduced the Trove App, a pacesetter in the online stock app in Nigeria. For as little as N1,000, Nigerians can trade both national and international stocks from their sofas on the Trove App.

While this app has erased many barriers associated with trading stocks in Nigeria, it still won’t do all the job for you. In this article, you’ll learn how to invest in the stock market using Trove App.

How to Download Trove Android App

Although, Trove App is available and fully functional on the web, you get a more streamlined experience on your mobile device. The Trove App for Android is simple to use and allows you to track all your investments on the go.

The Trove App is easy to get, as it’s available on Google PlayStore always available on Android devices. Follow the steps below to install the Trove App for Android onto your Android smartphone or tablet.

Open the Google Play Store on your Android device

Tap on the search bar at the top of the interface, and type “Trove”. Hit search to run the search for the specified term

The first result should be the authentic Trove App. It is named “Trove – Investing simplified.”


Click on “Install” below the app to install the app on your device

Wait for the app to install completely, and you’re ready to start investing with Trove App, with as little as N1,000 or $10.

If you use an iPhone, there is also a Trove App for iOS. It is available on the App Store and is similarly named to its Android counterpart. It works seamlessly as well.

How to invest with Trove Android App

Once you have the Trove app downloaded and installed on your device, you can start signing up for an account. An account is required to start investing in the numerous local and international stocks that Trove has to offer.

Here’s how to sign up for an account on the Trove app.

How to register on the Trove App
Signing up on this platform requires you to give up some important information. Some of the information that’s required to get a Trove account includes:

Names and other personal information – Including your Expected risk rate

Occupation – Simply asking you to enter the kind of work you do!

Bank account or other financial details – Makes it easy for you to invest directly from your bank account

Document uploads – You’re required to enter such details as your Identity Card and Utility Bills

Trove doesn’t collect all this information for the fun of it. It is a requirement by the government to prevent cases of fraud and money laundering. When you have all the above information available, you can proceed with the registration.

The registration steps for Trove App are outlined below.

Enter your email, password, and your phone number on the registration page and click (or tap) the Sign-Up button to continue.

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You’ll be asked questions pertaining to your investment goals and experience, and your risk tolerance. Answer these questions as honestly as you can.

Verify your phone number and your financial details entered earlier, and upload all the documents required for the registration.

Your account should be ready for use in 72 hours. This can be longer or shorter depending on the workload.

If there are any issues to correct, you’ll be notified in this timeframe, and you’ll also be required to correct them.


Investing with Trove App

Once you have the app downloaded, and your account approved, you can start buying stocks and all other kinds of investments available on the Trove App.
Unsure of where to start?
This section will help you get started on investing with the Trove Android app.

Funding your account On Trove App!

Before you can start any transactions on Trove App, you’ll need to fund your wallet. You’re assigned two wallets as soon as your Trove account is approved; the naira wallet and the dollar wallet.

Your naira wallet is used for trading Nigerian stocks and making other Nigerian investments, while all foreign investments make use of the dollar wallet.

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You can link your naira card to your Trove account and start funding your account with money from your bank account. You can’t fund your account with a domiciliary bank account or card, even if you’re funding your dollar account.


Investing with Trove App

Once your account is funded, you’ll get access to numerous stocks that you can invest in. On the overview page, which is the first page you get to after logging in, there is a blue circle with a white plus (+) icon.

Tap on that to get started.

You get directed to the Assets page, where all the trading and investing happens.

The assets are divided into four on Trove app;

Nigerian Stocks

Foreign Stocks



You can also search for specific stocks using the search button in the top right corner.

Click on any stocks or shares of your choice and you’ll be directed to a page that details information about the stock.

Click on the “Buy Shares” button to complete the transaction.

If the market is open and you agree to the terms and conditions, you can buy the shares instantaneously. If the market is closed, however, you might have to wait till the next working day for the purchase to completely take effect.

Voila, you just learned how to use the Trove investment app.

Conclusion – Trove App

Gone are the days when we have to go through stockbrokers to purchase stocks. Today, you need nothing more than your phone, Trove app, and your investment.
While the Trove app is accessible and very simple to use, always remember that you’re investing real money and you can potentially lose a lot of money. So you might want to get expert opinions before purchasing shares.



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