Professions that can expose you to Mesothelioma

The primary cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos. The truth is that no one comes in contact with asbestos so quickly to develop the disease over time. However, when a person comes in contact with asbestos from time to time, there is a considerable risk of developing the disease. Today we shall be looking at Professions that can expose you to Mesothelioma.

One of the many ways by which people come in contact with asbestos is as a result of their occupation. Occupational asbestos exposure is the primary cause of mesothelioma and asbestosis. When people work with asbestos or asbestos products, they are at risk for several types of cancer and pulmonary diseases.

It is ideal to know the kinds of professions that can expose you to mesothelioma. Though there are ways to reduce the exposure, there are still chances of developing the disease. If you want to stay away from it at all cause, you should know the professions that can expose you to mesothelioma. 


Construction Workers

Construction jobs are one of the many professions that can expose you to mesothelioma. In fact, over twenty-five percent of people who have died of mesothelioma have worked in the construction industry. Many of the materials used for roofing and flooring are made with asbestos. This puts workers at a significant risk of exposure.

Again, renovators and demolition crews are also at a significant risk of exposure. Asbestos was used primarily in construction projects before the 1980s. Of ten houses built before 1980, at least seven were constructed with asbestos materials. This also puts the workers at significant risk.


Construction workers include;

  • Contractors
  • Tile settlers
  • Building inspectors
  • Painters
  • Building managers, etc.



Just like construction workers, firefighters are also at a greater risk of developing mesothelioma than the general population. When attending to fires and other natural disasters, firefighters can be exposed to asbestos or asbestos products. The thing about firefighters is that they can be exposed without even knowing about it. 

Firefighter in Action

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When fires occur with asbestos or its products in them, they get destroyed, and the fibers become airborne. A firefighter who walks into such an environment is likely to inhale the asbestos, and doing this over time, will make one develop the disease. Aside from that, asbestos was also used to make firefighting clothing and accessories. 


Industrial Workers

Industrial jobs are also one of the professions that can expose you to mesothelioma and Asbestosis. Industrial workers include machinery operators, chemical workers, supervisors, mechanics, and many more. These workers deal with asbestos and its products from time to time.

For example, a mechanic will be exposed to asbestos when he comes in contact with asbestos products like brake pads and gaskets. Asbestos is also used in many industrial products like paper, fireproofing, textiles, insulation, etc. Among all industrial workers, machinists and maintenance workers face the most significant exposure. 


Power Plant Workers

Asbestos is used in the many power plants, especially for heat resistance. Many power plant workers are at risk of developing mesothelioma due to their exposure to these asbestos products. For example, fireproofing and old asbestos insulation pipes used in power plants could also increase the risk.

Professions that can expose you to Mesothelioma
Power Plant worker

Workers in this profession are usually enlightened on the risk of exposure and how to reduce it. However, there are still chances of coming in contact with asbestos even after taking precautions.


Shipyard Workers

Around thirty percent of mesothelioma claims are filed by Government shipyard workers and Navy Veterans. This proves that there are great chances of developing mesothelioma by working in shipyards. All shipyard activities like demolition, repair, and decommissioning are ways of getting exposed to asbestos.

In fact, shipyard workers are turning to be the profession with the highest risk of mesothelioma exposure. The reason for this is the usage of asbestos in shipyards in the past.


Textile Mill Workers

Fire accidents are very common in textile mills, and one of the ways it has been reduced was the introduction of asbestos as a fire prevention material. It is also used as valuable insulation in textile mills. The mills operate at extreme temperatures, increasing the chances of a fire.

Workers at these mills have a great exposure to asbestos. Weavers, job and die setters, protective clothing manufacturers, maintenance teams, etc., are all at risk of exposure.


Steel Mill Workers

Just like textile mills, steel mills also operate at high temperatures, increasing the possibilities of fire outbreaks. Asbestos has also been used to control temperatures, thereby preventing fire outbreaks.

Compared to the general population, workers at steel mills are three times more likely to die of mesothelioma. This confirms it is riskier to work in a steel mill than in the construction industry.


Factory Workers

Factory workers are also at great risk of exposure to asbestos. However, the risk varies depending on the kind of factory where they worked. There are some factory workers with the highest level of exposure; they include;

  • Brake and clutch factory workers
  • Rubber factory workers
  • Glass factory workers
  • Packing and gasket manufacturing workers, etc.


Metal Workers

There are a variety of metal workers. However, no matter the kind of metal you deal with, you are at a risk of developing mesothelioma. Metal workers, including blacksmiths, welders, tinsmiths, and metal manufacturing workers, face the risk of asbestos exposure throughout their careers.


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However, the risk of exposure varies with the type of sector you work in. For example, metal manufacturing workers face the most significant risk of developing mesothelioma. Some types of equipment used by metal workers contain asbestos. This equipment include;

  • Gloves
  • Welding rods
  • Aprons
  • Blankets, and many more.


Agricultural Workers

It might sound surprising to see agricultural workers as one of the professions that can expose you to mesothelioma. Just like construction, firefighting, and the like, working in the farming industry also puts you at risk of developing mesothelioma.

However, the risk attributed to agricultural industry is minimal compared to steel and construction. There are a few farm equipment, machinery, and some fertilizers, that contain asbestos in them. In some cases, asbestos is present in some agricultural lands, putting the workers at risk.


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