How to Create Bitcoin Wallet Address

Hey everyone. I realized a lot of people around the world don’t actually understand what cryptocurrency is, have a lot of interest since they’ve learnt how profitable crypto business is, but just can’t figure out how to create bitcoin wallet address.

Bitcoin is perhaps the most popular Cryptocurrency in the world today. It is loved by all and would very soon replace traditional banking and what have you.

From my personal experience, it is really easier, cheaper and quicker sending millions of dollars via bitcoin than it could ever be using the normal banking system.

Aside from the ease with which you could move your funds using bitcoin, it’s also a long time investment option that has a lot of potential as far as profitability Is concerned.

Just imagine Bitcoin currently selling at $47,000. A piece of digital currency that sold for less than a dollar back in year 2009.

<span;>What can I do with Bitcoin

Bitcoin can be used to do buy or do anything normal money could do.

This includes stuffs like Buying real assets (Real estate, machinery, gadgets, form of exchange, etc)

Bitcoin is one of the traded digital assets in the world today and I must say it’s really here to stay for everyone that understands it, willing to accept it as a means of legal tender, investment, etc.

<span;>How to create a bitcoin wallet

Resting s bitcoin wallet is really easy. I wouldn’t say it should be easy for everyone because our ability to understand things isn’t the same, also, for every human, the level of exposure differs.

Having stated the above, I must turn day that way a bitcoin wallet is Created greatly depends on the platform on which you’re creating the wallet and based on this, I’m going to use Binance as a case study.
I chose Binance because it’s perhaps one of the most popular bitcoin trading platform in the world.

<span;>How to create bitcoin wallet Address on <span;><span;>Binance

To create bitcoin wallet on blockchain, it is important to understand there are 2 ways through which one can create a bitcoin wallet. This could be through the mobile app or on the website.

It is however, important to understand that both platforms always syncs no matter what.

Creating bitcoin wallet on Binance address mobile App

The journey To create Bitcoin wallet on Binance mobile app always started by visiting Binance App Download Link

The website automatically detects what platform you’re on and would direct you to download the most suitable app for your Operating system (Android or IPhone)…

Download the app and after downloading the app, do well to run it and then follow the instructions.

First, click Register
You’re required to select your country dialing code

Enter your mobile number

Enter your Password and click =>

Once done, an email confirmation request would be sent to your registered email address.

Please kindly respond to the email and click on “Verify My Email” link.

Now you’re done creating your wallet in Binance app.

After creating your bitcoin wallet on Binance app, the next step would be securing your account and thus can be fine by carefully selecting the most appropriate options that applies to you.

How do I Put Bitcoin into my wallet.
Putting bitcoin into your wallet is easy. This is because Binance has a certain feature that allows you fund your wallet with different options and these included credit cards, bank deposits, depositing bitcoin from other wallets, etc.



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