Best IPO Apps For 2021

An IPO, short for Initial Public Offering is the term for the first time a private company offers shares for sale in the stock market. IPOs got popular in the 1990s when almost every IPO guarantees an insane ROI. Investors will slap enormous amounts onto the shares at that time, sit back, and make it back in three-fold. This post is aimed at exposing the best IPO Apps for 2021
This is 2021 however, and things have changed. IPOs aren’t as profitable as they’ve always been, but they are still insanely popular. Many investors still view IPOs as the 1990 jackpot things, which it isn’t anymore except for a few cases though.
While Reading through this page, we will be making a list of top IPO Apps for 2021 as well, so do well to give attention as this is one of the best posts you’ll ever come across today!


Why IPO is important for investors

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) are highly hyped, and that’s for good reason. For an investor with limited experience, IPOs seem to be more realistic investment options. Looking at the historical data, IPO investments generate more money than general investment, on average.

While an IPO might seem to generate more gains, it doesn’t always yield positive results. Uber, for example, had its IPO in May 2019 for $41.57 per share. By March 2020, an Uber share sold for less than 22$.

Investors who had invested in Uber shares at the IPO will be at almost a 50% loss in 10 months. That’s proof that IPOs aren’t failsafe and might be just as risky as a regular stock investment.
Getting the most profitable IPOs to invest in isn’t an easy job. It requires collecting data on the latest IPOs and getting expert insights. While this might seem like a Herculean task, it’s not.
There are mobile and web apps designed to help you find the best IPO opportunities in the stock market, with sufficient information to help you make your final decisions.
In this article, we’ve listed the five best IPO apps on the app stores today.


Best IPO Apps 2021

In this section, we’ve listed the five best IPO apps on the app stores today.

ClickIPO IPO App

Unlike other apps listed below, ClickIPO is focused only on Initial Public Offerings. It provides an avenue for investors to get access to, and invest in a stock at the IPO stage.
It is the first of its kind and has been growing massively since its launch in 2011. It also features a prospectus analysis tool that provides all the information you’ll ever need to decide on a company going on its IPO.

The Android and iOS apps are equally sleek and easy to use, and it also has a web-based version that works as well. For finding the best IPO opportunities, ClickIPO is our top pick.

Marketwatch IPO App

MarketWatch started as a website that offers the latest data about the stock market. It is also a hub for finance and business news and analysis and has been around for 23 years, making it one of the oldest and most trusted in the business.

As MarketWatch itself went public through an IPO, it is a reliable source for the latest IPO alerts, trends, and analysis. The data and graphs on MarketWatch are logical and easy to understand; even for inexperienced investors.

MarketWatch isn’t free, however. The subscription costs $37 per month normally, but new subscribers try it out for $12 for 12 weeks.

MarketWatch has both Android and iOS apps available for tracking and receiving IPO alerts on the go.


Nasdaq Live Stock Market

The Nasdaq Live Stock Market is an app provided by the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ). NASDAQ is a pioneer in electronic stock sales. They eliminated the need for a physical trading avenue by providing a computerized system.
Nasdaq Live Stock Market tracks over 100,000 stocks at the moment, constantly growing. Most of the largest IPOs in the United States get listed and traded on Nasdaq, making the app a must-have for all IPO investors in the United States.
The Nasdaq Live Stock Market is free to download. It is available on Google Play and the iOS App Store.


Webull IPO App

Webull is another IPO app that is competitively relevant in the stock trading industry. Founded in 2017, it takes pride in its well-designed interface, making it extremely easy to find the most profitable IPOs on the market.
It culls data from other trusted sources such as Nasdaq and even offers a cryptocurrency trading option. It has similar Android and iOS apps and a web-based version for easier and faster access.
Despite being a young competitor in the IPO apps space, Webull is competing favorably with the big guys.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a popular app amongst stock investors, and that’s for good reason. It offers information about the latest IPOs in an easy to navigate interface, without missing out on key features.
Yahoo Finance provides you with enough information through its portfolio analysis feature. A feature that IPO investors will find exciting is the Fair Value analysis feature, which tells if a stock is undervalued, overvalued, or fairly priced.
However, the most useful features of the Yahoo Finance app are premium features. The premium version starts at $35 monthly or $350 per year.
If all you need the app for is to find the latest IPO deals, then buying the premium version of the Yahoo Finance app doesn’t seem like a good investment. An app like ClickIPO does the job better, in an equally aesthetic interface.


IPOs are great investment opportunities, but they can also go wrong. Lack of adequate information about a company going on its initial public offering might result in wrong investment decisions.
To avoid this, IPO apps come to the rescue. They list the latest IPO opportunities; with all the information you’ll need to decide if the IPO is a great investment opportunity or otherwise.
While there are plenty of IPO apps on the app stores, ClickIPO, MarketWatch, amongst others make the top picks and are highly recommended for finding out the best IPOs in the stock market.




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