What are the Best Investment Options 2021

Looking for  the Best Investment Options 2021 to make this new year? Well, may i remind us that Just when we thought the virus has killed off any hopes of making any profitable investments in 2020, the pandemic came, and the whole story changed.

In the first quarter of 2020 for example, when the pandemic was in its early stages, we saw a 554% surge in Nikola stocks. Videoconferencing app Zoom came next on the list, catapulting by 272%, giving investors a new ray of hope.

Fast forward to 2021, and we’ve been learning to live with the pandemic. To some, the most important question remains “what is the best way to invest money this new year? I mean, what are the best investment options for 2021?

In this article, we’ll be answering questions like “What are the best investment options for 2021” as opined by some expert and after that, you are going to learn good reasons why you should channel your money to those investments.

What are The Best Investment Options for 2021

Here are some investment opportunities that you should consider this year, as they’re projected by experts to make the most return on investment.

  • Real Estate

The real estate industry had always been a goldmine for investors, but it is projected to do even better this year.
Despite the coronavirus pandemic leading to widespread recession, over 6 million homes were sold in 2020. This figure was a positive increase from the 5.34 million houses sold in 2019; furthermore, the average price for a home in 2020 increased by 5 percent compared to 2019.
Analysts expect to continue this year, as many people will be migrating to more affordable houses after losing their jobs to the Covid-19 pandemic.
If expert predictions are anything to go by, the real estate industry remains one of the most attractive investment opportunities, at least for this year and the next.
Some real estate investment ideas for 2021 include house flipping, buying rental properties, or even letting out a part of your existing house!

  • Stocks

As expected, the stock market is projected to be highly profitable in 2021. The stock market saw some unprecedented spikes in 2020, and these are not expected to plummet this year.
However, not all stocks in the stock market are expected to be profitable. Finding profitable stocks will require some digging, helped with advice from industry experts.
According to experts, tech and cryptocurrency stocks will be two of the most profitable this year, with both already showing signs of exponential growth from 2020.
With the Covid-19 virus still around the corner, lots of people still need to protect themselves, turning to Etsy for supplies. Experts prediction is still favorable for Etsy, and buying shares in Etsy will be a good idea.


Also, buying Moderna shares is projected to be an excellent investment for 2021, after the company successfully created a working vaccine for the coronavirus.

Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccine has been approved for emergency use in the United States, as well as the United Kingdom, setting Moderna on a path to success this year.

  • Tech Stocks

As already discussed, the stock market is a very lucrative investment option for everyone in year 2021. However, when investing in the stock market, there is a category that deserves extra attention: tech stocks.

Here are some profitable tech stocks that are worth your attention.

  • Apple

Last year, the tech industry was a goldmine, with companies like Apple (AAPL) ending the year with record profit. Paid services from Apple now represent 19% of total revenue, reducing the rate of loss due to manufacturing costs. Do not forget buying stock just got easier with Mobile apps like eToro Investment app, Bamboo investment App , Trove App and many more…!

  • Microsoft

Microsoft is also a good option for tech stock investment, as everything has been working in its favor through 2020. With CEO Satya Nadella still in charge, Microsoft is slated for even more successes in 2021.
With the increasing adoption of Microsoft Azure, it is second only to Amazon Web Services. The pandemic has been great news for its Xbox division, as revenue skyrocketed, following the increased interest in gaming.

  • GoDaddy

Another tech stock that saw a massive surge following the stay-at-home trend is GoDaddy Stock, the internet giant with a monopoly in domain name registration and website hosting.
In a bid to make the lockdown productive, we’ve seen a steadily increasing number of websites, and this is directly correlated with GoDaddy amassing a million new customers in 2020.
GoDaddy is slated for even more success this year, and buying stocks with the company can never go wrong.

Cryptocurrency Investments

Crypto adoption has seen a huge rise in 2020, and it is projected to rise even more this year with the exponential growth of Bitcoin and this i feel would be a great investment option this year since an increase in crypto adoption only means increase in the price per unit of the coin invested.

Investing in the cryptocurrency sector offers you some flexibility. You can choose to flip crypto, buy stocks in companies that deal in crypto.

Below are some compelling crypto investments for 2021.

  • Ethereum

Ethereum is the third most popular cryptocurrency in the United States, and it has been growing exponentially. It has had a 25% rise in value from December 2020 to January 2021, and analysts predict a continuous rise for the digital currency.

  • Litecoin

Predictions don’t always go in Litecoin’s favor, as LongForecast and Trading Beasts predicted a poor start into 2020 for the altcoin.
In 2021 so far, Litecoin has been performing so well, and its graph looks similar to that of Bitcoin. Given that it is believed to be more stable than Bitcoin and it costs a lot less, Litecoin will be a profitable crypto investment option for 2021.

  • Ripple

Ripple is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that’s hard to ignore. This is one of the Best Investment Options 2021 you should not miss at all. It is both a cryptocurrency and a payment system that is widely accepted by many companies worldwide.
With up to 500 companies accepting it for payment in 2019, that number increased by 46% by mid-2020, and it continues increasing.


This position Ripple as a major coin that deserves attention, and if you’re looking to invest in crypto, you’ll want to pay attention to this altcoin.

There are other crypto Currencies with great potentials that you could invest in, these are stuffs like Polkadot, Steller XLM, Kusama, ADA, Etc

Conclusion: Best Investment Options 2021

While 2020 was not a bad year for investments, 2021 can be much better. With cryptocurrencies having an unprecedented surge in value, you can never go wrong with any of our recommendations.
Tech stocks are taking a positive turn, and real estate investment is still in vogue too. With these predictions, 2021 should be an interesting year for investors with a lot to gain; and not so much to lose but this still depends on what you choose as your Best Investment Options 2021

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