Ipodr is an Online Mesothelioma Resource place aimed at sharing useful tips to help you cope with Mesothelioma.

Our aim is to share all useful tips to help you in the fight against Mesothelioma cos we believe every professional in an industry, especially such professions that brings you closer to mesothelioma causative agents as mentioned here.

Ipodr was built in 2021 with a heavy heart after we lost an uncle to the health issue mentioned above and while building this, we promised to keep the language as simple as possible in order to help everybody understand his or her role in the fight against mesothelioma.

We Understand Sharing these tips might be a way to help someone out there and nothing more. We are not going to suggest health products, charge an amount of money to share these useful tips and ipodr is not considered a health blog.

Why IPODR is Important for you

You probably work in a factory, a railway engineer, firefighter, Construction, etc. IPODR Is here to expose some of those hidden secrets that are not knwon to you so as to help you start taking your health and safety seriously.

Our Mission

To help every professional working hard to provide for his or her family understand the various risks involved in his work, put a check on his or health as quickly as possble.

Our Vision

To become your most favorite Mesothelioma Information Hub