5 Ways to Protect yourself from mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is one of the deadliest kinds of cancer in humans. Although it can be treated, it has a very low life expectancy. Statistics have it that less than thirty percent of patients who get treated for mesothelioma don’t survive more than three years. Let us see 5 Ways to Protect yourself from mesothelioma


All cancers are deadly, but mesothelioma is deadlier. Since there is a treatment for it, there are also ways to prevent it. In this article, I will show you how to protect yourself from mesothelioma. However, to protect yourself from mesothelioma, you must be aware of the causes of this disease.


What are the Causes of Mesothelioma?

Causes of mesothelioma

The primary cause of mesothelioma is asbestos exposure. If a person inhales or ingests asbestos over time, there is a very high risk of getting the disease. Once asbestos is inhaled or swallowed, it gets trapped in some body tissue known as the mesothelium.


The asbestos scars the mesothelium kills and stops the production of necessary body cells, and begins to form a tumor, which develops into cancer. This is what is sometimes referred to as cancer of the mesothelium. However, this cancer can affect several parts of the body.


The most common types of mesothelioma are pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma. Pleural mesothelioma affects the lining and covering of the lungs, while peritoneal mesothelioma affects the abdomen(tummy). Both types have different symptoms.


In the case of pleural mesothelioma, the patient might begin to have difficulty breathing in the early stages. If someone notices such, then they should see their doctor immediately. Patients with peritoneal mesothelioma will also feel discomfort in the tummy at the early stages.


If detected early, there is a better chance of surviving the disease. However, before it is seen, the patient must undergo a series of tests to confirm the tumor. The diagnosis process might take up to a month, depending on its location.


If the result is positive, the physician must admit the patient and begin treatment on them. The treatment process will, of course, involve surgery to help remove the tumor since its precise location has been uncovered.


However, if it is detected late, the doctor will have to estimate the chances of the patient surviving it and might begin treatment on them if not too late. Now that you know the causes of mesothelioma and what happens next, you should also see how to protect yourself from mesothelioma.


Ways to protect yourself from Mesothelioma


There are several ways to protect yourself from mesothelioma. However, all these ways still revolve around the leading cause of the disease, asbestos. Therefore, the best way to prevent mesothelioma is to avoid inhaling or ingesting asbestos.


The truth is, it is straightforward to avoid inhaling or ingesting asbestos if you could know how to spot them. Here is what makes it very hard. Asbestos is almost everywhere, and it takes education and enlightenment to understand where you can find them and how to avoid them.


Therefore, to prevent mesothelioma, you have to educate and enlighten yourself on where asbestos can be, be it in our homes or workplaces. Basically, the reason behind this article is to enlighten you on where asbestos can be and ways to protect yourself from mesothelioma. 


You should also know that asbestos exposure does not only cause mesothelioma but is responsible for other asbestos diseases like asbestosis. Asbestosis is not a form of cancer but is also caused by exposure to asbestos.


However, this article will not be talking about Asbestosis. I will focus primarily on mesothelioma. So, let’s get on with it; let’s find out the best ways to protect ourselves from mesothelioma.


Avoid Old Asbestos Insulation products


Asbestos became quite popular in the 20th century when manufacturers added it to several products. At that time, most of the products contained a significant amount of asbestos since no one knew about its dangers. 


The truth is that most of these products were used in the construction industry. Many of the houses and structures built during that period contained asbestos, even in very high amounts. Some of those structures still exist today as homes, offices, and factories across the United States.


However, asbestos will do you no harm unless these products are disturbed. If disturbed, there is a high chance that a person will end up inhaling or swallowing it. So, if you see any old asbestos Insulation products that can release dust when disturbed, stay away from them.


Check for Asbestos before demolition or renovation of old buildings


Homes built before 1980 were constructed with asbestos. If you are planning on renovating or demolishing one soon, you should call professionals to help with it. The professionals will examine the structure by themselves to check for asbestos before proceeding with the renovation or demolition.


Follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration Regulations


Several companies around the United States work with asbestos-containing materials. All these companies, the employers, and employees are enlightened on the health regulations and how to protect themselves from these diseases. 


Wear Protective Gear when working with Asbestos-containing Products


Workers who are always around products that contain asbestos are required to put on protective gear while working. This will help reduce the risk of exposure to asbestos in the process.


Live far away from Asbestos companies


Although the United States government does not permit asbestos companies to set their factories in residential areas, you mustn’t make a home for yourself near these establishments. Staying close to companies that work with asbestos will only increase the risk of developing mesothelioma. 


Conclusion: 5 Ways to Protect yourself from mesothelioma


For a very long time, the general public and even most of the workers that dealt with asbestos were not aware about the dangers associated with it. They never knew that asbestos exposure could cause some serious diseases like mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer.


However, some of these employers were aware of the dangers but kept them away from their employees. All of these were to make them continue working. Today, several policies are in place to prevent mesothelioma in these industries.


In addition, they have been enlightened on the dangers of their work. Some of the places where workers can encounter asbestos while working include;

  • Shipyards
  • Auto mechanic shops
  • Railroads
  • Power plants
  • Chemical plants, etc.



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